[Video] Brilliant Minds Highlights 2017

14 December 2017

This year our Brilliant Minds speakers have shared some incredibly inspiring and enlightening messages. They got us thinking about self-awareness, leadership, creativity and confidence and we hope you found their insights useful too.

Here are our top 12 favourite clips from the last 12 months covering some key topics from 2017 that we think will be important in the coming year:


Shed Simove on why every company needs a failure fund


Professor Costas Markides on why an entrepreneurial mindset means forgetting your core business


Oliver Rees on why hackers love to fail


Deborah Tom on the intelligent approach to the AI threat


Hashi Mohamed on pushing boundaries to better understand yourself


Chris Storr on quieting the voice that says you can’t


Dr. Hannah Macleod MBE on super strengths being the key to Rio Gold


Charlie Cannon on how to avoid getting triggered


Dr. Guy Meadows on why sleeping is not cheating!


Simon Shepard on Saturday being the most stressful day of the week


Nicholas Mckie on the two types of leadership energy


Jim Lawless on taming your tiger