[Video] Another incredible year of Brilliant Minds

15 December 2016

Another year of Brilliant Minds briefings has sped by and it has been a great one.

We thought we would mark the occasion, once again, by sharing our Top 10 favourite clips from the last 12 months – Some great insight into innovation, psychology and wellness, and some incredible experiences shared. We hope you enjoy watching!


Olly Rees on innovation being easier than ever before


Dr Tara Swart on Neuro Myths


Professor Martin Elliott on what healthcare can learn from Formula 1


Chris Hunter on neutralising a bomb


Professor Elaine Fox on how to kick-start happiness


Karl Lokko on changing his contribution


Matthew Syed on when ego stifles improvement


Frank Dick on life being a three lane highway


Dr Kevin Dutton on his old man being a psychopath


Dr Guy Meadows on the measure of a good night’s sleep