Steve Hackney

Steve Hackney

Former Professional Rugby Player and Co-Founder of The Core Asset

During his rugby career, Steve played for Leicester Tigers, England and the famed Barbarians. Success on the rugby field was soon followed by success off the pitch, when he co-founded his business “The Core Asset”.

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The Core Asset helps owners, directors and entrepreneurs to grow, build and increase the profits of their small and medium sized businesses.

For more than 20 years Steve has enjoyed successes through his business marketing books, tools, strategies, programmes, training courses and systems to help thousands of businesses in 46 different countries. He has trained and developed hundreds of business coaches on the Core Asset methodology which has in the last 5 years alone generated over £3 billion in extra profits.

Steve believes it’s not what you do to grow your business it’s how you do it. He is the creator of ‘The FORMULA’, also published as a book, which delivers a proven system any business owner can use to quickly grow their business.

As a keynote speaker, Steve shares this methodology for those who are looking for a grow fast without losing the shirt on their back.

He starts from the position that marketing and growing your business isn’t rocket science, but it IS a science. There are a number of strategies and entrepreneurial traits that businesses need to master if they’re going to be highly successful. Steve knows what works, what works better and more importantly what doesn’t work.

His business growth systems are founded upon the principles of elite sport and his 20+ years in helping business owners to build successful firms.

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“The FORMULA takes the most powerful and up-to-date formulas available to grow a business and shows you how to apply it to your advantage and to win, and win big.”

Sir Clive Woodward


“Steve explains in detail across all aspects of your business world how to implement tried and tested marketing plans for growth, increased profits at minimum costs and for success.”

Nick Rubins, CEO of QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd

How to Quickly Grow Your Accountancy Practice: By Acquiring and Keeping the Clients You Really Want

Steve Hackney met Richard way back in 1998. At the time Richard had his own accountancy firm. But like so many firms they’d reached a point of stagnation. Richard was finding it hard to acquire the right type of clients in the numbers he needed. After spending some time analysing what Richard was doing, Steve discovered three key reasons why Richard wasn’t achieving the success he wanted…

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THE FORMULA: The Proven And Unbreakable System To Quickly Grow Your Business

"In my experience of working with tens of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs over the last 20 years, most of them simply don’t understand what makes marketing work and what areas of the business to focus on to bring about growth, more sales and more profit. That’s your opportunity … no matter how large or small your business is. In all likelihood, you too have little understanding of what makes marketing work and what elements of your business you should focus on to bring about quick and big increases in sales and profits … and achieve it with very little, if any, extra cost."

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