Marc Woods

Marc Woods

Paralympic Multiple Gold Medal Winning Swimmer, Broadcaster and Author

Marc’s personal story of facing adversity, having his left leg amputated below the knee at the age of 17, delivers an uncompromisingly honest message that cannot help but inspire people to aim to be exceptional.

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Marc had his left leg amputated because of cancer when he was seventeen. The day after he had his stitches out he went swimming and within a year he was swimming quicker with one leg then he did when he had two.

Marc’s dream was to simply be the best that he could be and just 18 months after he finished his chemotherapy he was selected to represent Great Britain.

He has now retired from swimming having competed internationally for 17 years, winning 12 Paralympic medals from five Games and a further 21 from either World or European Championships.

In the past he has held the individual world records for 200m, 400m and 1500m Freestyle, as well as the team world record for 4 x 100m Freestyle.

Marc has written three books. Most notably Personal Best, a combination of his inspirational life story and personal development advice, and more recently Beyond the Call which, supported by research from New York University, looks at how to create conditions within an organisation that make discretionary effort more likely.
Marc’s speech, titled ‘Path to Gold’, takes you on an inspirational journey, providing brilliant insights into personal responsibility, leadership, teamwork and motivation.

It is a journey that took him from cancer patient to multiple Gold medallist.

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”Personally and Professionally I believe everyone walked away with a special message from you.”



“Marc is the perfect choice for our executive development program.”



“I enjoyed your talk at our event yesterday. Suffice to say it was easily the high point of the day, and everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) who attended that i’ve spoken to feel exactly the same”

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Personal Best: How to Achieve your Full Potential

It′s not always easy to embrace life, to get up and go, to follow your dreams and make things happen imagine how much more difficult it must be to achieve your dreams after suffering from cancer as a teenager and losing your leg. But that′s exactly what Marc Woods did. Marc overcame his challenges and went on to become a four times Paralympic Gold medalist. It′s that determination and dedication that Marc shares with us in this powerful book. His inspiring story is the motivation we all need to start being the best we can be.

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Beyond The Call: Why Some of Your Team Go the Extra Mile and Others Don't Show

Business leaders know that some members of their teams go above and beyond while others get by doing the bare minimum. The question on everyone′s lips is how to turn every member of your organization into a top performer. Beyond the Call uses case studies, the real–world stories of real managers, and groundbreaking research from NYU′s Stern School of Business, to answer important questions about performance and offer real solutions for building high–performing organizations and teams. This book will show you how to coax every member of you team to do more, leaving behind mediocrity for excellence

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