Mandy Hickson, Fighter Pilot, Winchester UK

Mandy Hickson

Former Royal Air Force Fast Jet Pilot, Motivational and Keynote Speaker

As one of the first female pilots on her frontline Tornado GR4 squadron, flying multi-million pound fast jets for the Royal Air Force, Mandy worked in a constantly challenging, yet exhilarating environment. She offers a unique insight into this elite world, supported by anecdotes about her time on the front line.

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Mandy Hickson provides a unique insight into being a female, fast jet pilot in a high pressure, male dominated world.

A world where focus, ultimate teamwork, and the highest levels of risk taking and communication are the cornerstones of survival. Mandy honed these skills to the ultimate degree through three tours of duty and the flying of 45 combat missions.

Tailored to be relevant to the organisation’s to which Mandy speaks, her main themes are: The building and empowerment of effective teams; Inspired goal setting and ultimate focus; Decision making under extreme pressure; Maintaining momentum despite losing top talent; Nurturing a culture of self-confidence and aspiration.

Mandy’s story shares a wealth of unique insight delivered with the humour that was key to her success. She presents with a creativity, energy and passion which will engage and inspire all. Her story is designed to ignite self-belief and motivate her audience to move forward with determination and focus.


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Decision Making
Performing under pressure
Women in leadership

”Mandy is a fantastic public speaker. She is both inspirational and extremely well prepared. Her ability to relate her own experience working under extreme pressure and in high performing teams to everyday situations is most impressive. She tops it all with a wonderful sense of humour and great modesty.”

Miriam Gonzalez, Partner, Dechert LLP


“Turbo charged and motivational, she is exactly what she promises to be and more.”

Jacqueline Rogers, Founder of The Athena Network, International Premier Business Networking Organisation for Women


“Mandy, thanks for taking part in our Inspirational Speaker programme, we were all very impressed with how you tailored your presentation in a way that made it resonant for us. You had some great examples of why safety training and leadership matter – all things highly relevant to the capacity crowd. You shared many clear learning points and absolutely held the attention of the audience. I have had a lot of positive feedback from the participants who felt that the presentation was really informative and inspiring. Thanks again you did a phenomenal job.”

Luci Love, BG Group Plc



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