Jane Young

Jane Young

Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of Scramblr

Jane is an inspirational source of new ideas, approaches, and life hacks for getting more done by doing less. Jane explores the opportunities for exponential growth brought about by shifts in technology and society, providing the tools and mindsets required to thrive in the Information Age.

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Jane Young is a technology entrepreneur and an exciting speaker on the topic of social media. She has a fresh, quirky and highly engaging approach.

Avoiding university as the obvious route to a career, she represents a new breed of entrepreneur who has an ease with technology and the opportunities it presents us, particularly in the space of social business. Jane is the founder of Scramblr, a platform that enables creative teams to set up their own online studios. Prior to this she founded London-based boutique digital agency Kanbee, delivering online and film projects. She is also a regular blogger at resonanceblog.com.

As a speaker, Jane finds a way of weaving really complex problems into a story that inspires, even if she’s talking about a technology subject to non-technical people. Jane helps her audiences to see past the jargon, hype and worms’ eye view of today’s social media tools. She looks towards a bigger picture for using social media to drive growth in the 21st Century; exploring how we can solve age old business problems using new knowledge and technological capabilities. Jane speaks about the concept of “social business” and differentiates between red herrings (Do I need a presence on Facebook?) to exploring answers about why social media really matters in business today.

Jane has worked with brands such as Dixons, Curry’s, PC World, Vodafone, Wildfire Word of Mouth, Grey and Procter & Gamble.

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“Jane has a fresh and powerful vision of the future for communications. She embraces the challenges and presents in an optimistic and energetic style that really engages her audience. She conveys her points simply which, given the chaotic and complex problems she is seeking to resolve, is a key talent. Good on her feet and able to win over some robust opponents. Above all an entertaining and rewarding experience!”

Tom Gardner, Head of European Marketing, Honda


“Jane is the ‘can do’ voice of this generation with a clear vision of what is possible firmly rooted in the next – yet you feel when listening to her that she doesn’t intend leaving anyone behind. Huge ideas balanced beautifully on simple concepts, articulately presented, a Jane Young speaking event is exactly that.”

William Carson, Director, Oyster CCC


“I saw Jane Young speak at Marketing Week’s Future of TV Advertising conference. For me it was the stand-out presentation of the day; thought provoking, insightful and very brave. A very different take than most of the industry insiders that also presented.”

Benjamin Kaye, Head of Brand Communications, DSGi


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