Dr Neslyn Watson Druée

Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE

Former Chairman of NHS Kingston & High Performance Executive Coach

With over 25 years board level experience Neslyn is an acclaimed executive coach, author and keynote speaker on the topic of Leadership. Her expertise has been sought by business, the Government, NHS, education and voluntary sectors.

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Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée is one of the most accomplished authors in personal development and a renowned international speaker. As the Chairman of NHS Kingston, she managed to turn around a £21.5 M deficit in two years and finish with a £5M surplus. She was awarded the MBE for Nursing Leadership, and the CBE for Health Service Innovation.

Neslyn is currently rolling out 111 Global Leadership Academies through Neslyn.com. Her skills are further applied in executive coaching and consultancy in three core areas: Leadership, Living with Passion and Purpose and Leaving a Legacy.

Neslyn is an executive coach for UK’s NHS Leadership Academy and has broad experience in business psychology and leading health service innovation in the UK. Neslyn has presented to the European Parliament, public and private sector organisations and various charities on leadership development, emotional intelligence and creating and sustaining high performing teams.

Her Unique Business System: The Leaders’ Code™ is used in corporate organisations to; change organisational culture, demonstrate courage, develop creativity, challenge issues and care about people.

With 25+ years Board Level experience as a Non-Executive Director inclusive of 10+ years as a Chairman, she brings that experience to bear on her coaching with awareness, empathy and an understanding of relationships at executive and corporate levels within organisations. While also using her Board Level knowledge and experience to coach aspiring directors in preparation for job interviews and stabilisation in their early years as a Director or Chief Executive.

Neslyn is also committed to supporting and nurturing the talents of young people. She has written several books designed to help young people to acknowledge their talent and stay out of gang culture.

In 2017, Neslyn was included in the Best 100 Global Coaching Leaders and was also an award winner of Women of the Decade in Community Leadership and Social Change from the All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. She has also been honoured three times by the Queen for her dedication to the personal and leadership development of others.

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Social Inclusion
Women in leadership

“Neslyn was excellent, very gripping and entertaining yet good and very timely message on embracing uncertainty. A breath of fresh air – well done! ”

Annual Hotel Conference Delegate 2019

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