Dr. Graeme Codrington

Dr. Graeme Codrington

Author, Futurist and Founding Director of strategic insights firm, TomorrowToday

Graeme is an expert on the future world of work and the disruptive forces that are shaping it. He is a keynote presenter and strategy consultant working worldwide across multiple industries and sectors. His distinctive style blends cutting-edge research, thought leading insights with humour and multimedia-driven presentations and workshops.

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Graeme is the co-founder and a senior partner of TommorowToday, a global firm of futurists and business strategies. Graeme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise make him highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business world.

Graeme has a particular interest in trends affecting how people live, work, interact and connect with each other. He speaks on the TIDES of change – the five disruptive forces shaping the new world of work in the next decade: Technology institutional change, Demographics, the Environment and shifting Social values.

He has shared platforms with the likes of Edward de Bono, Jonas Ridderstrale, Allan Pease, Sir Ken Robinson and Neil Armstrong.

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Employee Engagement

“I’m delighted to say I’ve worked with Graeme on a number of global, high-profile London Business School leadership development programmes. He’s just a dream to work with. He fuses creativity, client-focus and insight into the disruptive trends transforming business. He’s also a powerfully-engaging and entertaining speaker. If you get a chance, hire Graeme. Your programme participants will thank you for it.”

Greg Orme, London Business School


“Your workshop was very thought provoking – probably more so than any other leadership keynote we have delivered in Harrods. Participants called it really interesting, refreshing, wonderful! Eye opening. Left me wanting to hear more.”

Paula West, Learning and Development, Harrods


“Graeme’s talks are always inspiring and thought-provoking; his topic is well-researched and the message, although serious, is delivered in a humorous and informal manner. His presentations are always extremely well received by our audiences and his talks have certainly had a favourable impact on the way in which we conduct business. In particular, Graeme’s presentation on ‘The New Generation’ has been a consistent favourite with our audiences. It is a pleasure to work with Dr Codrington and his professionalism (on and off the stage), together with his values, result in a wonderful working relationship. I can highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Allen Swiegers, Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte

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