Dr Frank Dick OBE

Dr. Frank Dick OBE

Performance Specialist, Coach and renowned International Motivational Speaker

Formerly the Director of Coaching for UK athletics, Frank is currently High Performance Director for South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee. Frank has worked with 100’s of business teams, sharing his unique insights gained from coaching elite sports personalities, for maximising performance in business and life.

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Frank Dick has spent a number of years working with business teams sharing the unique insight on performance in business and life that he has gained from coaching elite sports personalities.

From 1979 to 1994 Frank was the British Athletics Federation’s Director of Coaching, where he was widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding sports coaches in the world. It was during this period that the GB and Northern Ireland Athletics Team rose to become a genuine power in world athletics, led in particular by track stars such as Sebastian Coe, Sally Gunnell, Tessa Sanderson, Steve Ovett, Steve Cram, Linford Christie, Denise Lewis, David Moorcroft and Daley Thompson.

Against this history of excellence and 20 years of speaking to hundreds of global companies, he has recognised the key areas of personal and professional development which, once taken out of a ‘training room’ mentality and put into a business context, will lead to individual and team performance advantage.

Frank is the author of three major publications, ‘Sports Training Principles’, ‘Winning’ and ‘Winning Lines’, all classics in their fields. His contribution to sport and coaching has been recognised in being awarded an OBE in 1989, induction to the UK Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999 and the prestigious title “UK Sporting Hero” by Sport UK in 2001.

Frank currently holds the position of ‘High Performance Consultant’ for SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation And Olympic Committee)

Frank speaks on the topics of the Winning Mind-set, Teamwork, Coaching, Leadership and Talent Development.


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Performance under pressure

“To say you understood our requirements and your messages resonated with the team would be a serious understatement. In my experience the impact of guest speakers in your arena tends to dissipate very quickly when the troops get back to work, but I feel very confident that your extraordinary talented delivery will make its mark permanently.”

Conor O’Kelly, Chief Executive, NCB Stockbrokers Ireland


“The feedback from Frank’s speech has been incredibly positive; I have yet to find anyone who didn’t take away something from his words. His wisdom, experience and humour came together to form several powerful messages about individual and team performance.”

Morgan Stanley


“Excellent, very thought-provoking and demonstrated how you can apply principles into day to day life – work and home.”

Nick Dargan, First Direct


Winning: Motivation for Business Sport and Life

Motivation for business, sport and life. The purpose of this book is the same as that of a coach - to help you get the best out of yourself. It uses sport as a vehicle, but the motivational lessons apply equally to professional and personal life - in fact, to every aspect of our lives where winning counts.

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Sports Training Principles: An Introduction to Sports Science

This is the new, fully revised, sixth edition of this ultimate reference tool for all coaches responsisble for training athletes to fulfil their performance potential. This new edition has been extensively revised to incorporate the latest theory and practice in sports training and coaching, with supplementary contributions from international experts. The book covers the key sports science topics, anatomy and physiology; biomechanics; psychology; nuitrition; performance analysis training; and coaching theory and practice.

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Winning Matters

In a follow-up to his book "Winning", Frank uses his years of experience as a coach and speaker and draws on recent sporting events to examine how you can be successful in both business and life.

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