Dr. Dorian Dugmore

Dr. Dorian Dugmore

A World Leader in Cardiovascular Health and Wellness

Dorian has a PhD in Cardiovascular Medicine and his programmes have won Global and European awards for best practice in corporate health and wellness, and for improving quality of life within the community. Dorian has written extensively on health, exercise and heart disease. He joined The FA’s Perform Team in early 2013 to lead its corporate health and performance programmes.

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Dr. Dorian Dugmore is an expert in Cardiovascular Health. He has been working in Cardiovascular Medicine and Wellness for 30 years and has written extensively on health, exercise and heart disease.

He is the Director of Wellness International which he founded with adidas UK to pioneer a new concept in Preventative Medicine and Wellness. The ‘adifit for LIFE’ programme has received World and European Best Practice Awards for Corporate Wellness.

Dorian has been featured on TV a number of times, including – ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’, focusing on stress, heart disease and football league management and BBC’s ‘Working Lunch’ focusing on the health of Chief Executives. Dorian is a renowned speaker at professional conferences as well as a Wellness coach for business organisations which have recently included Everything Everywhere, Sky, Greene King, Sodexo and Causeway.

Dorian is himself a former athlete and coach at National and International level; he has run 19 full marathons and coached the British World Student Games Soccer team at four consecutive World Games.

Dorian presents a compelling case for taking a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. His message is hugely motivational, as he outlines the changes that can be made to our lifestyle habits in order to avoid the health risks that will occur if we don’t. Dorian examines in particular the impact of poor lifestyle habits on cardiovascular health (as well as diabetes, cancer, etc.) in order to illustrate the impact that nutrition, exercise and stress play in relation to our wellbeing.

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“Yet again a very enjoyable and helpful session. Great to know how I’m doing and what to do to keep all going well. Many thanks.”

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